Create a Society

Societies are an exciting aspect of Dystopia Rising that allows for groups of characters to be bound by common goals, visions, and drives.  Joining a society is not to be taken lightly, for it reflects a deep bond between characters that have come together with a similar purpose.

While our writers and staff are preparing societies held by the various Casted Characters (some that even Lead Characters can join!), you have the option to form your own society. The following are a few guidelines for their creation:

  •  Each Society requires at least ten Leading Characters in order to be established

  • Each Society will need to designate a point of contact (not necessarily the leader of the Society has one) for staff to reach out to

  • Each Society will need to describe their initiation method and who can initiate others into their Society (can everyone initiate other members? Or just a few?)

  • Each Society must have a way to remove Society membership and/or a way a member can leave (this can even include death, CvC rules apply)

  • Each Society must have a mission statement and reason for coming into being  (are you a Mercenary band brought together to protect the town? A religious group of the faithful working to protect your faith? A group of researchers dedicated to finding some lost knowledge? A secret group of assassins working to protect humanity?)

  • Each society must have guiding principles or bylaws that govern how it operates. There should also be defined consequences if those bylaws are broken

If you would like to write anything more that defines your society, we encourage you to flesh out and describe these details.

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