Photo by    Jessy Halvorsen

What is an Casting Shift?

Every person who attends a Dystopia Rising event spends 4 hours of the event playing the monsters, creatures, and various wastelanders of the game. This is a time period where you set aside the character you built, and instead play a character for only one scene at a time. Casting shifts are great when you’re starting out, as they allow you to try out different skills and abilities your character may not have yet. This is also where you have direct impact on the quality of the event, as you will be playing the content the players are interacting with. Have fun with it, and be the zombie you’d like to fight.

  • You will chose your desired Casting Shift when you check-in for your first event. This information will be in the top right corner of your character sheet. Keep in mind that not everyone gets their first choice of Casting Shift, we do our best to accommodate our players but to ensure we have content at all times in game we may ask you to adjust.

  • Before your shift, change out of your character’s costume and leave your character’s things in your bunk. We don’t have the room in Casting Land to store everyone’s items, and we don’t want them to get lost! (Plus things left unattended in Casting Land tend to be mistaken for Casting gear). In your bunk, cover your character’s belongings with a black sheet to mark them as out of character—or keep them in a container marked “Out of Character”—so that everyone knows your character’s things are out of play while you’re away.

  • Change into weather appropriate, unmarked black (or generally plain dark colored) clothes to wear underneath our Casting costumes.

  • Go Out of Character (make the Out of Character symbol by keeping your fist on your head, or wear a green headband) and report to Casting Land.

  • Remember to bring your Character Sheet with you so we can sign you out when you complete your shift. If it’s nighttime, don’t forget your red flashlight!

  • Let the Guide on desk know you’ve arrived for your Casting shift.

  • Have fun playing the monsters and non-player characters of the game!