What to Bring?

Photo by    Jessy Halvorsen

Here is a list of items we suggest bringing with you to a Dystopia Rising event. This list is not all inclusive, but this is a good start. You are the best judge of your own comfort and needs.  Please consider what additional items you need to take care of yourself, and set the scene for your own sleeping area.

Signed waiver (available on site). Game fee if you haven’t pre-registered (cash or card). Pen (to write on your character sheet throughout the weekend).

Toiletries. Sunscreen. Bug repellent. Personal or prescription medications. Hand sanitizer. Towel. Flip-flops (for the shower). Weather appropriate NPC clothes (plain black or dark colored). Change of clothes for weather. Hand warmers. Red Flashlight (or red-gelled white flashlight). Game appropriate lightsource for your sleeping quarters (such as LED candles with warm light). Water bottle. Watch (necessary for timing some skills).

Bring more socks than you think are necessary. Our sites are wet and cold in the winter, and hot in the summer. Having wet feet (whether with water or sweat) will ruin your weekend. We recommend wool socks if possible.

Sleeping bag. Blankets. Pillows. Spare black/dark sheet to designate Out of Game items.

New Players can spend their first three games in the New Player Cabin. This is a good place for you to stay for your first three games (you can stay elsewhere if you wish), because it allows you to meet new players just like you. We recommend staying here, because it will much easier to find you for new player related activities, and the threats that attack these sleeping quarters are much less dangerous than other areas.

For everyone else, we provide twin bunks. Depending on site and available bunks, sometimes this means an open air cabin with no heating. Please plan accordingly.

Snacks. Non-perishable food Items. Easy to eat fruits or veggies. Granola or protein bars. Electrolyte drinks. Storage container for food to protect it from critters.

Foods that are quick to prep and require little-to-no cooking to eat are best. There is no ‘down time’ to eat. We also request that you remove labels or repackage food into genre appropriate containers before you come to an event (this can be as simple as wrapping your energy drink in duct tape, so the logo is no longer visible).

Keep your cabins clean! Several generations have passed since the Fall. Pre-packaged, pre-Fall food is very rare. Do not leave modern cans and candy wrappers strewn about your sleeping area. Clean it up and hide the evidence, and everybody will have a better experience.

The sites we use have a microwave and fridge available for your use, but stoves and ovens cannot be used without a Oregon State Food Handlers Card due to state regulations. (This MUST be emailed to our staff before you arrive at game).

Occasionally our wonderful players may provide a meal plan for purchase online in the weeks prior to game, but this IS NOT a guarantee.


Make sure your costume is not only safe for running, jumping, crashing through the woods, slipping in mud and swinging combat-safe weapons, but also rugged and cheap.

There is no doubt that at some point during a Dystopia Rising event you could end up with fake blood on you and some fake blood stains on your clothes. Do not bring or wear anything to Dystopia Rising that you would be heartbroken to find damaged, stained, or destroyed.

Sometimes zombie fake blood splatters make a costume cooler, since it now has history to it; however, if your costume is something you don’t want stained, then don’t bring it. Bringing expensive, delicate, or meaningful items is a recipe for disaster.

You may also want to bring a contact-safe weapon prop with you, if you want to participate in combat. (We do allow you to borrow a weapon prop from us for your first three games). Check our Melee Creation Guidelines or our Ranged Weapon Guidelines.

Firearms of any kind, even if you have a permit to carry. Real weapons are not allowed at Dystopia Rising Network events.

Alcohol or illicit drugs, as they are not allowed at Dystopia Rising Network events.

Fireworks, Explosives, Candles, or any other open flames.

Electronics with the expectation to use them. Civilization has fallen, and a great deal of technology has been lost. Obviously you may have items like your mobile phone on site, but it may not be used and must remain out of sight while you are in the game space.